Meet the new Auroracoin Webwallet

A human-friendly digital token wallet for Auroracoin

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Why Use our Webwallet?


Get started in seconds and access your wallet from any device.


Aurora Web is a HD Wallet with secure passphrase generation.

It's official

This is a release by the official Auroacoin team endorsed by the Aurarad foundation


Use the Waggle location feature for transactions with nearby Auroracoin users.

How does it work?

Unlike hosted wallets, the new Aurora wallet does not store your tokens on a server anywhere. With just your passphrase, you can access your tokens from modern mobile and desktop browsers.

There is no need to back up your wallet, just your passphrase. Writing it down and keeping it safe, or storing it in a password vault application is essential. If you lose it, you will lose your tokens.

For more information on how the wallet works, please take a look at our FAQ.